Brennah Pohlmann Moellendorf
Comm 380 Interactive Media Design student CSU Fullerton Public Relations grad 2020 Creative. Enthusiastic. Resourceful.
Project 1 Self-Portrait
A self-shot high-resolution digital photograph of myself, modified in Photoshop using the brush and selection tool.
Project 2 GIF Animation
A self-shot video, edited in Premiere Pro. Vintage telephone technology courtesy of imported cross-platform fruitware 2.0.
Project 3 ABC’s of CSS
A full set of alphabetical found objects, all carefully scaled, cropped, and styled using CSS and Photoshop.
Project 4 Alphabetimation
The alphabet comes to life through frame animation and video timeline in Photoshop.
Project 5 Quotable Site
A five-page site built with HTML and CSS. Art created in Photoshop and Premiere Pro. Showcases the skills learned throughout the semester.